Imagine a magazine published
for a single reader. You.

News curated just for you. Any topic, any source - we’ve got you covered.

News curated for you

Ready for a news feed packed with ONLY the stories that interest you? You simply tell us what you like and Olio will generate a display of top news stories using artificial intelligence methods.

Any source, any topic

Olio constantly monitors thousands of news sources using state-of-the-art AI. It will find your favorite sources and topics, giving you an endless selection of exciting news to choose from.

Save time and stay informed

Don’t waste your time on boring news – follow only topics you are interested in. Choose from broad topics like sports or hone in on your favorite soccer player and enjoy your reading.

A Flood Is Coming

We live in the information overload era where tens of thousands of news articles are published every single day, covering millions of topics.

It’s a struggle to find interesting content from the flood of information, don’t you think?

So did we. Even limiting our attention to favorite topics, news sources, or news aggregators doesn't quite solve the problem.

So what do you do if you only have minutes to spend to get an overview of the news you care about? What if your favorite topics are hard to find? What if you’re obsessed with just ONE singer and don’t want to listen to the extra blab of the music industry?

Yes, we’re all tired of sifting through page after page of news just to find information about your favorite actor (hello, Brad), fashion brand (nice dress, Vivienne), or sports team (more luck for the Lakers next season)?

There’s got to be a better way...

A Man overwhelmed by flood of information A girl overwhelmed by flood of information A Man overwhelmed by flood of information

What if...

What if there was a magazine published every
single day for one client only. You.

Name a topic.

Any topic, no matter how obscure, and Olio will proudly deliver you the most relevant top stories.

And Olio knows you are busy.

Often bored with the same news repeated over and over? Olio says, “don’t worry friend” and first delivers an overview of main topics, but then allows you to drill deeper or request similar stories from alternative news sources.

Not interested in any of the
news delivered?

Simply say so and your virtual magazine staff will remember – no more content like that for you in the future! Checked and remembered forever, Tinder style: swipe boring news left to oblivion, swipe interesting content right for “yes, please!”

Olio is your personalized magazine powered
by artificial intelligence.

It seeks news content like a missile and brings back whatever its trusty master (you) wants! “Good boy, Olio.” Millions of topics. Built to your preferences. The most interesting content. Save your time by welcoming into your life.

How It Works

In order to best serve you, Olio will need to learn your interests.

First, you'll choose from a list of broad topics presented to you.

If you are interested in the road less travelled, you'll have to type in the topic manually (sorry, Robert Frost lovers). will begin showing news.

Swipe boring news to the left. Swipe right the news you like.

After just a few swipes, Olio learns your preferences and narrows it down.

All you have to do is swipe a few more times and your news feed will be filled to the brim with the news you’ll love. That’s it! And of course, you can always change or expand your preferences later.

Built for Scale

  1. Olio uses natural language processing to analyze news content.
  2. Olio covers millions of topics, from common to obscure.
  3. On a typical day over 200.000 unique topics are mentioned in the news from thousands of sources all over the world.
  4. With Olio you can create powerful filters for news by topic and people mentioned.
  5. News sources are parsed and analyzed in near real-time and immediately delivered to you.
  6. Currently in English only, but several other languages are in the pipeline.

Dishonesty Shouldn't Be Profitable

Dark corners of the web economy

Recent events regarding privacy invasion and reselling of user information (by you know who) clearly show the dark corners and bad practices of the web economy.

GDPR protection

We are based in the European Union. Your personal data is therefore fully protected under the EU GDPR legislation which is among the strictest in the world.

Your personal information

We'd like to state clearly: we'll never sell or distribute any of your personal information, usage history, or content type preferences to anyone.

No free lunch

There is no free lunch, though - news processing, servers, and data storage cost must be covered. is an ad-supported service. Premium, ad-free version will be available, too.

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